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How to recognize phishing scam emails or phone calls

The Student Life IT group wanted to take this opportunity to remind you how to spot “phishing” scam emails and phone calls. We have seen a significant increase in these types of contacts lately and everyone has been doing a great job deleting them and emailing or calling and asking us for clarification. Here are a few of the basic rules of thumb you should keep in mind when evaluating if a message is a fake phishing scam.
  1. SAIT, UO or any legitimate business will not ask you to reply to an email message with personal details or account information, such as username and password.
  2. Look carefully at the senders email address. It should be free of typos and from the organization the sender claims to be from. SAIT will only send you emails from email addresses.
  3. Be very careful clicking on links in email. SAIT and the UO will not ask you to verify your account. We will never send you to outside websites to enter in personal information.
  4. Be wary of emails that threaten you or promise you free stuff! If they claim that you must send a password or you will be permanently banned or that you just need to send your social security number for tax purposes and you will get a fabulous prize, it’s a scam! You should never have to reply to a mail with your password or private information like social security numbers or bank accounts.

If you get a mail and it seems suspicious on ANY of these counts, beware. Please contact your local IT staff or the SAIT Helpdesk at 346-1130.
We are always happy to check out an email you have received for legitimacy. Beyond email, we have heard of a few recent cases where a UO staff member has received a phone call from an unknown party claiming that they were from “The IT Office” and that they need to remotely connect to your computer to install some software or fix a problem. The only remote support website SAIT uses is our Bomgar system . We will never ask you to go to an external website to connect for report support. We will never ask you for personal information on the phone, such as passwords. Treat all unsolicited phone calls with skepticism.

If you get a suspicious phone call like this, please contact us at 541-346-1130 as soon as possible so we can notify campus security. Thanks to all of you for your attention to this matter. Everyone has been doing a great job and we appreciate it when you contact us with questions!

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