Student Affairs IT

Security Policies

All employees must follow the UO Acceptable Use policy, FERPA, and all other applicable federal, state and institutional policies with regard to use of information technology resources.

  1. Do not give out passwords to anyone.  Do not share your password with your supervisor, IT staff or your student employees.  .If you encounter a situation where account sharing is needed, please contact SAIT and we will find a solution.  Never reply to emails requesting your credentials.
  2. Do not store confidential or sensitive data on computers, servers, phones, and external media (flash/thumb drives) or other computing devices unless all of the following are true:
  3. If you believe your system is infected with a virus, do the following:
  4. All systems will be joined to the domain and managed by SA:IT. This includes both PC and Mac systems.
  5. Do not subvert security procedures or attempt to compromise systems.
  6. If a computer asked to apply updates on shutdown, do so.
  7. Never disclose personal information in response to an unsolicited email.
  8. Do not install new/untested software on systems without explicit approval from SA:IT.

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Map to SAIT
Directions to SAIT:
Room: 303 EMU
1395 University Street
Eugene, OR 97403
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