Student Affairs IT

Acceptable Usage Policies

  • Sensitive/Confidential data should not be stored on local workstations or portable media (CDs, USB Thumb drives....etc ) The only exception to this is when the files are strongly encrypted using approved software.
  • Staff may NOT log in another person to a computer with their account.
  • Spamming (sending out unsolicited emails) using our internal messaging system is not allowed.
  • Staff may not put illegally obtained music, videos, etc... on the Student Life file servers or workstations.
  • Staff may only place a limited amount of personal pictures, music and videos on Student Life file servers (within their quota). These files, however, are never backed-up and are the sole responsibility of the owner.
  • Personal files placed on workstations may not interfere with normal operations of the workstation. If some files are found that interfere, they will be deleted as necessary by SAIT.
  • Staff may not intentionally circumvent SAIT security policies and/or procedures.
  • Staff may not intentionally attempt to compromise and or test security vulnerabilities of SA systems unless explicitly approved by SAIT.
  • Staff may not capture network or perform other network inspection practices without explicit approval of SAIT.
Map to SAIT
Directions to SAIT:
Room: 303 EMU
1395 University Street
Eugene, OR 97403
Departments We Support
Division of Student Life Units
  • Career Center
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Erb Memorial Union
  • Holden Center for Leadership & Community Engagement
  • Physical Education and Recreation
  • University Counseling and Testing Center
  • University Health Center
  • University Housing
Non-Student Life Units
  • First-Year Programs
  • Academic Advising
  • Accessible Education Center
  • Animal Care Services
  • Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence