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Mobile Device Security & Use Policies

With the increased use of mobile devices it is critical to make sure that we recognize the potential security risks of these devices and the ways to mitigate those risks. If a user is accessing their email account on their mobile device all the information, including protected student information, contained in that email account is exposed if the device is lost. To mitigate some of this risk, these basic rules MUST be followed for all mobile devices that access UO resources.

 Mobile Device security & Policies

  • The device must have a pass code, word or pattern.
  • The device must lock automatically after a short window of time if unattended.
  • If the device is lost or stolen it must be reported to SAIT ( and local IT staff immediately. 

Having a passcode and auto-lock on your device will keep your data from being easily accessible if your device is lost or stolen. Notifying us immediately will allow us to assist you in securing your accounts and work to remotely wipe sensitive data from your device.
Users should also carefully examine the apps they choose to install to verify that they are trustworthy. Just like on your regular computers, cute games and funny things can contain spyware and other malware. Using apps like Lookout on Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile can help protect you and find your phone if it is lost or stolen. There are not good app options for this on iOS devices at this time.

The limitations of the devices can also push users towards other behavior that risks exposure of protected information. Because these devices are designed primary for consumption of media, they do not include standard productivity tools and file sharing capabilities. Users rely on tools like DropBox and other file sharing tools to share files they create on their mobile device with their desktop machine. We must be especially vigilant in making sure that no protected data is ever synced to or stored in the  DropBox account. We strongly suggest that users who are working with protected data not use these tools at all. We suggest using the following tools/methods on your device to help in these areas, as needed.

  • UO Docs - the University of Oregon’s collaboration and secure file-sharing software. (More)
  • Email to self - Though not optimum, the emails reside in internal systems only.
  • Documents to Go: enables the use of Microsoft Office applications on mobile devices. (More)

How to secure Android devices: click here

How to secure iPhone, iPad, iTouch: click here

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