Student Affairs IT

Workstation Policies

  • Staff may not install software on their workstation. Installations may only be done by SAIT staff or individuals delegated this authority by SAIT.
  • Additional software beyond the standard set included with each workstation must be approved by SAIT.
  • Any computer system may be monitored by SAIT for acceptable-use violations.
  • All computer systems must be joined to the AD domain.
  • Workstations must require passwords to login unless specifically used as public access kiosk systems. The account used to access the machine on kiosk systems may not have access to server resources.
  • Staff may not apply BIOS passwords or Operating System (OS) encryption without approval from SAIT.
  • Computer systems, especially those used by staff, should not be left unattended in unsecured areas. This includes during maintenance, or leaving computers outside a room until the staff returns.
  • All computers must automatically lock themselves when staff are away with a 30 minute minimum.
  • When leaving a computer unattended (e.g. in the office), staff should lock their computer (Windows key L).
  • Staff will not be given local administrator passwords for workstations. Staff delegated with admin authority will have this access with their account.
  • Users may not install or user file/data indexing/search tools (e.g. Google Desktop, Windows Search, etc...) without approval by SAIT.
  • Equipment disposal/End of lease: Please consult with SAIT before you dispose off any system that interacts with computers. Examples includes: copiers, printers, smart phones etc. (but not limited to this list). SAIT will ensure that the data is wiped properly from these devices.
Map to SAIT
Directions to SAIT:
Room: 303 EMU
1395 University Street
Eugene, OR 97403
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